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You’re a spy, agent of SOCHAM, one of the world’s most influential secret agencies. Explore a mysterious island where you will find a device that will change the world, solve the mystery of an ancient threat, and uncover the secrets of human cloning.

Key Features:

Explore an island filled with puzzles, mysteries, and anachronisms as you unearth clues to the Secret of the World Watch.

The 8 minute interactive movie The Secret of the World Watch is the first major narrative added to MOAI.

In-depth investigation, puzzles and other investigations await you as you explore the island where you will encounter the residents and solve many mysteries!

New chapters in the game will be added regularly, as well as the demo, ensuring a long-lasting free game for the player.

Character design (Buy Now)

SOCAM is the largest and most influential organization in the world, known throughout history as the greatest power of the times, and actually, throughout history, as the creators of virtually all the great inventions of the modern world. It was founded in the year 988 by the renowned Shulding Suetonius, or simply Shulie.

In 2040, after 43 years, the installation of the new generation of H3R energy, the energy of the future, has started. Shulding Suetonius decided to found an institution that could exploit this new source of energy. Shulding Suetonius knew very well the immense power of the SOCAM organization. We were confronted with unimaginable discoveries. All of humanity was depending on him. He knew that it was going to be the golden age of the humankind.

The organization has been crowned the richest and most powerful of the world. Shulding Suetonius made a secret in the depths of the ancient Temple in Crete, where certain eons ago the sumptuous Ceremonial vase of pyramidal shape, Aftalunei, made of precious metals, was discovered. In this vase, Shulding Suetonius placed three different explosives. As soon as they were activated, they would destroy themselves, but the ancient Organization would become immortal. The huge explosion that would destroy the temple and everything around it was to happen on the exact date of the year 988 of the now-celebrated year 2549 and the 10th day of the month of July.

That is why everybody believes that Shul


Features Key:

  • Tron/AGD Arcade
  • 40 gamestages
  • 3-D Graphics, 24-bit Audio
  • Live soundtrack
  • Four game modes


Star Squadron: Student Driver [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

Delve deep into the mysteries of the cosmos. Travel to hostile planets and dangerous asteroids, pilot your ship, manage an army and accomplish missions for a handful of commanders. Your task is to take the ship under your command, explore and colonize star systems, gain fame in the galaxy and become the greatest manager it has ever known.
But don’t take our word for it! Try the official space program manager and venture into this fascinating universe for yourself.
Experience all the thrill and excitement of space, the bright lights, hazardous planets, ships and missions.

Enjoy the best of the best in deep space FPS. Pilot various starships in various missions. Upgrade your ships, crew and weapons. Friendly and destructive neutrals abound in dangerous missions. Design your own missions. Grab your friends and battle online.

In the distant future, the Solar System is ruled by an elite corps of space law enforcement: the StarWatch. You and a crew of military pilots patrol the Solar System’s Outer Orbital Territories. Your orders are to keep the peace by responding to orbital colonies when they experience distress or illegal entry. You must also keep an eye on space pirates, space smugglers and space terrorists – who may be trying to take over the Solar System!


In StarWatch: The Universe, you take on the role of the StarWatch’s Space Marine Corps, a specialized unit which patrols the Solar System and fights space pirates, smugglers and terrorists. Your job is to protect the Solar System and prevent it from being taken over. Do you have what it takes?


Become the ultimate space law enforcement: pilot various starships in various missions.

Raise the Space Marines up to an elite unit by upgrading their skills and ship.

Design your own missions using the powerful mission editor to send your ships on challenges and missions of many varieties.

Battle against your friends and other crewmembers online in your high-powered custom designed starships.

Bypass StarWatch’s Orbital Patrol, and slip through the borders of the Solar System and board other star systems.

Battle other pilots who try to steal your jobs or planets.

Battle against an onslaught of asteroids and other space rocks. Destroy and loot them for loot and credits.

Spice up your time with a variety of novel


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    Free Star Squadron: Student Driver Crack + [32|64bit] [2022-Latest]

    This is a game of skill. You need not be good at games to enjoy this game.
    Perfect for ages 8 and up.
    Play with friends

    File size


    A version of DOUBLE DRAGON – a classic 2D game released to the Sega Mega Drive – is released for XB1, XBOX, MAC and iOS.
    The game has been edited to be played online using XBOX Live.
    Please note that for those who buy this version, there will be no future fixes or updates to the game.

    Key Features:
    – Online Play for XBOXes
    – Skill-based matches – i.e., one player is stronger than the other. You just need to look at the skill level to learn your opponent.
    – Customize your Robot, Skins, Gear, and Stunts.
    – Multiplayer and Versus mode.
    – Inventory – Snap all the items you need to see.
    – Fight the Good Fight.
    – Share your best moments on Facebook.
    – Game Center leaderboards and Achievements for you to score!
    – Control Chatting like in Double Dragon!



    System Requirements

    iPad mini

    iPhone 4S

    Mac minis


    Important information

    If you already have Double Dragon – Legacy of the Sky Dragon on your iOS device or PC, you can migrate your save data in-game in XBOX Live.
    Please be aware that you can not downgrade the game and you will lose all your progress.

    Legal Notice

    This game is Copyright and Trademarked by Akibanix Limited.Quincy Route 86

    Quincy Route 86 (Q86) is a north-south highway in southern Illinois, running from US 34 just north of Quincy to Lincoln Drive (US 50) in Lincoln, Illinois. It was created in 1927, and maintained by the City of Quincy. It passes through suburbs of the city, including Havana, St. Louis and parts of North Quincy. It intersects U.S. Route 45 at a grade separation at the Illinois River bridge in North Quincy, and terminates at the quadrant intersection of Lincoln Drive at US 35/50, where it joins US 35/50.

    Route description

    Q86 begins at Quincy Route 86Y, at an intersection with US 34/US 67, in St.


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