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Rinzo XML Editor is a quick and easy XML editor that provides an integrated text editor, XML editor, XML validation, and view control. It can easily open and save XML files. It can also parse and validate XML files. It supports Unicode, which is not currently supported in older version of XML.
Main Features
1. Support for Unicode
2. Can handle both UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings.
3. Can handle both XML and HTML formats.
4. Supports creation, modification, saving, and loading XML documents.
5. It can validate XML documents with a variety of well-known XML schemas.
6. It can parse and validate XML documents.
7. Supports standard and custom XML schema definitions.
8. It provides five different views for XML documents.
9. It provides an XML-aware text editor.
10. It supports indenting, line numbering, and folding.
11. Supports browsing to and editing of file names, paths, directories, and URLs.
12. It supports GoTo and GoToPage navigation.
13. Supports GoTo Symbol highlighting.
14. Supports GoTo Symbol tab highlighting.
15. Supports GoTo Symbol tab grouping.
16. It can open and save files in a variety of formats, including ZIP, GZIP, and RAR.
17. It can open ZIP files created with Winzip and other tools.
18. It supports drag and drop.
19. It supports drag and drop to open files.
20. It supports drag and drop to open folders.
21. It supports drag and drop to save files.
22. It supports drag and drop to save folders.
23. It supports cut, copy, paste, and delete operations.
24. It supports keyboard shortcuts for a variety of common tasks.
25. It supports hotkeys for a variety of tasks.
26. It supports keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing documents.
27. It supports keyboard shortcuts for creating and modifying documents.
28. It supports keyboard shortcuts for searching documents.
29. It supports keyboard shortcuts for editing text.
30. It supports keyboard shortcuts for replacing text.
31. It supports keyboard shortcuts for inserting text.
32. It supports keyboard shortcuts for highlighting text.
33. It supports keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting text.
34. It supports keyboard shortcuts for opening links.
35. It supports keyboard shortcuts for closing links. 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a program that allows you to edit or create a lot of the most commonly used macros within Windows. It covers a variety of functions, such as automatically opening a website, launching programs, playing sound files, and setting keyboard shortcuts.
It has a straightforward layout and offers a helpful list of tutorials so you can learn how to use it. It also offers a number of useful templates so that you can quickly get started.
KeyMacro carries a single executable file and it is delivered in a portable package that is small in size. You can open it without administrative privileges, so you can place it on a pen drive or copy it on a CD to carry it with you when you work remotely.
Working with the tool
KeyMacro offers a neat graphical layout that makes the application easy to use. This layout embeds all configuration options into one window and offers a list of action templates to which you can add whatever macros you want.
It takes a while to configure the software. However, once you manage to do this, you will appreciate the utility of it. The program operates efficiently and does not hog system resources. You may also use the tool to work with existing macros.
The execution time of KeyMacro is quite quick, and you do not have to enter information repeatedly. It offers a number of error-handling features to prevent or eliminate problems that may arise during the task.
Furthermore, the application provides an informative tutorial to make sure you can use it properly. It also offers a variety of useful templates for your quick start.
Final remarks
To sum things up, KeyMacro is a useful program that can give you the opportunity to handle a lot of common tasks. Plus, you can easily edit and create them with the aid of the integrated editor.
FLASHTOOL Description:
FLASHTOOL is a tool that enables you to search, delete, back up, and repair files. It works with the Windows Registry and supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others.
The software is accompanied by a user guide that can be used to make things easier, and you can also access a help file. The tool operates smoothly, it doesn’t cause problems, and it does not eat up a lot of system resources.
FLASHTOOL is delivered in a single executable file and it offers you the freedom to carry it on a CD or USB stick with you so you can work with the program without administrative privileges. It