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Fans of Disgaea should love this new game just as much, if not more than it’s parent franchise.
Game Features:
• 10+ Hours of gameplay, across multiple game worlds with unique bosses
• Compete with your friends, and see what skill you are truly capable of
• Create your own character with a shared ability to learn new skills as the game goes on
About the Game Developers:
World of Digimon is created by studio Kite, the same creative studio behind Dashboard and Divekick. Together, they are a team committed to taking the fighting genre to new heights. We’ve amassed a team of veteran producers, designers and programmers to bring you the best fighting game on the planet.
Key Features:
• Fighting Action Gameplay!
• Explore 5-8 Game Worlds Across the Globe
• Create a Customizable Character
• Fight against multiple Game Worlds’ Bosses
• Class Support!
• Create a Character with all 9 Classes available
• Build and Possess Gadgets
• Build and Upgrade Combat Spheres!
• Discover Content as the Game Continues!
What We Can’t Tell You:
Sorry, we can’t tell you much more than that, but you’ll be playing this game for a very long time if you’re a fan of Disgaea and/or Dashboard, so you’ll probably want to know what it is as soon as possible.


Support The Game:
Western Press is the digital home of the world of Digimon. You can read up on all things related to the game here on the website, or on the support page if you would rather not.
You can find us through Google Play, iTunes and other digital sources or purchase a physical copy if you so choose.
Customer Reviews:

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Features Key:

  • Action and RPG elements
  • 3 different skill sets;
  • Lock-and-load which uses the camera – for rapid-fire combat!
  • Talk to your comrades, build a base, develop your own style of play…
  • Explore villages and dungeons!

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Tales [PC] Download

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Full-screen Demo’s.
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There are 15 tales. each tale has a set of simple rules which govern that tale. Each tale must be completed within a specified time frame. The game starts with 4 hours of time for each tale. Each tale is fully solvable, but to get the best possible ending you need to go in there with your wits and think strategically, but also stay alive as long as possible.
Each tale is fully playable with a friends and each has a 3D landscape.The Epic Journey of a Legendary Hero
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Features of the game are:Full CustomizationThe Epic Journey of a Legendary Hero has you building up a team and then customizing your land and/or resources. You are the one that has the final say in what kind of resources you put into the game.
Dive into Combat!The Epic Journey of a Legendary Hero is a turn-based strategy game, one-on-one, online real time board game. You play the role of the Legendary Hero in a story-based quest.You’re Being Challenged on a Game Stages and ArenasThe Epic Journey of a Legendary Hero has 3 game stages. The first is a practice stage, where you have the chance to practice or perfect your skills on the game stages. The second is a more challenging story stage, where you will have opponents who will try to beat you. The third is a thrilling online arena, where you will be able to fight and/or team up with your friends.The Quest Begins!Join the Legend!You start off as a Superhero, and your journey begins. Throughout the game, you’ll have to learn the new skills that you will need to win the game.
Flexible Combat
The Epic Journey of a Legendary Hero has a simple combat system where you are forced to think strategically. You will be able to have your units divide themselves or attack and run or attack and divide themselves.

Vilai RPG [PART 2] (iOS)


What’s new in Tales [PC]:

    Tales of the Underworld.

    Developed by fanboy studios Full Frontal, this game is the kind of thing you don’t see anymore – a full retail PC game based on a fan passion driven by a fan base. Having seen the game at E3’s Gamescom, I enjoyed the game’s narrative, but am saddened that it doesn’t tap into the funniest side of the Dungeon Keeper series.

    Bart George decides to map a dungeon in the body of his own grandmother, Eunice. As most people are aware, Eunice dies fairly soon after the game starts. The game features some cheats to get around this rather unfortunate circumstance, but thankfully it doesn’t become to much of a sterotype in the process. Obviously, the decision of pointlessly killing off a playable character isn’t likely to be popular and thankfully the developers try to make that matter.

    The game itself isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen and it had some interesting interactions with the tablet, having a first-person option and a second-person perspective. The controls could have been better though, implementing the touch controls is a little too distant and lacked fine detail. I’m glad I was able to see one of the best PC games of the year in action at Gamescom, so hopefully the fans, developers and publishers will get more of these games out there.

    Having watched a bit of the game, I’m sad that it doesn’t really fit the Dungeon Keeper series quite as much as I’d like – and the campaign can’t help but disappoint – time-shifting and illness are a big issue.

    Creepy clowns are a serious thing. They exist all around us, even in our open happy souls. With the help of technology they are becoming more prevalent, more devious and, frankly, more (I hate to use the word creepy because for some reason, people like it) potent. And as we become more and more mean and grumpy as we navigate the cruel and indifferent world, we push the clowns further and further back into our deep underground dimly lit caves under the ground. Do we see them as gods (evil for some) or demons (evil for others)? Do they gain power by killing and feeding on us (seems likely) or are they all just inside our thoughts (we’re just projecting, I’m feeling a little down today)? It’s all a matter of perspective.

    As the clowns begin to rise


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  • First of all download Tales [PC] from this source
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How To Play Tale [PC] Game Online?

  • Then open Cheats For Tales [PC] and they are ready to use. Click on the link Game.
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  • To exit open Game menu and click Exit.

How To Install Game Tales [PC]?

  • Select Install on the Tale [PC] main page.
  • Wait until the Install is finished successfully.
  • And then select CANCEL.
  • Enjoy playing Tale [PC] on your PC.

The End

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System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Android 4.1 and later
SDK 8.0 and later
Note: This game is intended for android devices. For ios, visit our website:
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