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View TCP connections, monitor and analyze TCP traffic on the network.
TcpLogView Torrent Download is a powerful tool to identify the traffic patterns on the network. It brings together different data such as:
TCP/IP, SSL and FTP protocol
All info about TCP connections includes:
Local IP address
Remote IP address
Local Port
Remote Port
TCP/IP protocol
TCP connection Statistics
– Version 1.0 (26-04-2012)
– Version 1.1 (28-04-2012)
– Version 1.2 (12-05-2012)
– Version 1.3 (02-06-2012)
– Version 1.4 (02-06-2012)
– Version 1.5 (10-06-2012)


This will give you a basic report on which programs are likely to use what ports. Use nmap -sS -O -p to get a list of open ports on a computer.
You can also use filebeat for this type of task.


You can use wireshark to do this.
For Windows do:

Open Wireshark
Start capturing on your computer.
You’ll see Wireshark will capture all network traffic. Now, just click the “Display Filter” and set “Display Filter” to anything you like.
You can use this to only see specific data.

Then on the next screen (selections), click the “Filter” option.
Click “Filter by” and select “Port: TCP”
Now, click the “…Set Specifier:” button.
Enter the “ip.addr:” into the text box.
Do the same for “udp:”
Put the MAC Address of the interface you want to capture on (for the WAN) into “host” if the computer has multiple NICs.
Then click the “Write Filter” button.
You should now see wireshark capturing packets that have the MAC Address of your interface. You can use that to find out which programs have connected to your network.

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TcpLogView Crack [Win/Mac]

TcpLogView is a free application that keeps track of your TCP connections. It works on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Opinions of the United
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for the Third Circuit


Chen v. Atty Gen USA
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Recommended Citation
“Chen v. Atty Gen USA” (2007). 2007 Decisions. Paper 489.


Connections: The LogView displays the TCP connections opened by the browser. The LocalPort and the RemotePort columns will display the local and remote TCP port numbers, respectively.
Time: The LogView logs the connection time.
Process: The LogView will display the current process, as well as its identifier and name. The path column gives a list of all processes, with the current process highlighted.
ProcessTree: The LogView displays the tree structure of all running processes. Each process is represented by a black dot. By default, the LogView will display the process identifier (PID) and the task identifier (TID) as well.
Bindings: The LogView displays the network bindings established by the browser (such as http, https, and others).
Host: The LogView displays the host to which the current process binds.
Address: The LogView displays the network address (IP, IPv6, or DNS) of the remote host.
BytesTransferred: The LogView displays the total number of bytes transferred in the current connection.
Info: The LogView displays the information about the current connection.
Data: This column displays the data stream that is being exchanged in the current connection.

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Problem installing wifi-menu package from ppa – E: The package documents directory could not be saved

I want to install wifi-menu from this ppa:

The installation stopped with the following error:
E: The package documents directory could not be saved.
No details about the package are provided (editors vary).

But I am using Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander and I know that the WiFi-menu is installed on my system.
Is there any way to install the package correctly?


This seems to be a known bug that was fixed in the following release
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jost-bibson/ppa -y
sudo apt-get update -q
sudo apt-get install wifi-menu -y

You can read more about the problem and the fix at the following link :

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char *osData[OS_CLI_OPTIONS_MAX] = {
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