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Radiotherapy is one of the most widely employed tools in the fight against malignant cells of various types and its negative side-effects have seen considerable scrutiny. Digital tools have increasingly been used to ensure patients are given tolerable doses and that unintended tissue damage is avoided at all costs.
Employ in radiotherapy treatments
Given the obvious risks entailed, tools that simulate exposure to radiation have become increasingly popular among professionals working in the field. TDF Plan is one such tool, allowing physicians to prescribe radiotherapy regimens based on approximations made using linear-quadratic (LQ) and linear-quadratic-linear (LQ-L) models.
However, before any analyzes are conducted, it should be noted that this is only a simulator and all results should be thoroughly checked and double checked if medical treatments will be based on them. More-so, the application is not approved by any public institution (such as the FDA), so caution should be exercised.
Simulate biologically effective doses
These things being said, the program can be employed to determine radiotherapy treatments and doses adequate for individual patients. It is especially good at approximating treatment fractionation and biologically effective doses (BEDs).
Once users have defined a new patient, multiple parameters can be adjusted to simulate alternate conditions and check possible outcomes. One of the great functions of this application is that regardless of the chosen model (LQ or LQ-L) the program generates informative graphics, which track the evolution of the treatment over time.
The program simulates multiple radiotherapy fractionation regimes based on linear-quadratic and linear-quadratic-linear models
In conclusion, TDF Plan is a great tool for anyone involved with Radiotherapy and similar processes requiring adequate fractionation to avoid side-effects and ensure a swift recovery for patients.


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TDF Plan Crack is a radiotherapy simulation program that runs for patients subjected to fractionated radiotherapy treatments and simulates dose and disease for a number of different treatments.
TDF Plan Crack Free Download is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Users can select the desired model based on their application needs and requirements.

TDF Plan Cracked 2022 Latest Version allows users to study the effects of different dose fractionation schedules and determine corresponding disease control and survival rates for patients.
One of the most versatile applications for the novice and amateur radiotherapist, with user-friendly graphical displays and possible customization of a wide variety of parameters to simulate conditions of their interest, TDF Plan is an invaluable tool in the digital world of radiotherapy.
TDF Plan Manual:
TDF Plan Manual:

Supported Software Tools:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

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TDF Plan was developed using state-of-the-art computer simulation technology to ensure accurate and fine-grained dose calculation and to generate visually oriented presentation of complex processes. The TDF Plan has functions to import and export data, calculate and display BED, biological effective dose, dose volume histogram and perform dose correlation analysis with data from other types of treatment technologies. The TDF Plan allows users to access a large number of data profiles related to the regression analysis of parameters through a graphic interface.
TDF Plan is a useful tool that is based on the LQ model and on the LQ-L model which includes the physical cell killing, regeneration and stem cell survival. TDF Plan simulates various radiotherapy strategies (fractionated radiotherapy, hypofractionated radiation therapies, particle therapy and radiosurgery) as well as provides an interactive viewer to evaluate, visualize the dose distribution to the target and organs at risk and monitor trends of these parameters through the program and to guarantee user-defined protocols.
TDF Plan is especially useful for professionals who are involved in radiotherapy or related research and who want to analyze data obtained from treatment plans developed with multiple treatment technologies (particle therapy, radiosurgery, radiotherapy, brachytherapy).
Key Features:
Biological effective dose (BED) according to the LQ, LQ-L and LQ-QW models
Radiation equivalent dose (RED) according to the LQ, LQ-L and LQ-QW models
Calculate and simulate:
Volume-weighted average (VWA) dose according to the LQ, LQ-L and LQ-QW models
Tumour control probability (TCP) according to the LQ and LQ-L model
Tumour control probability (TCP) according to the LQ-QW model
Radiation dose and dose-volume distributions according to the LQ and LQ-L model
Tumour-cell loss factor (TCL) according to the LQ and LQ-L model
Normal tissue complication probability (NTCP) according to the LQ and LQ-L model
NTCP for tumour and other cell-type according to the LQ-QW model
Dose volume histogram (DVH) according to the LQ and LQ-L model
Correlation analysis between dose-volume distributions and biological parameters according

TDF Plan 1.7.8 Crack + Serial Key (Updated 2022)

TDF Plan is an app that simulates fractionation in other factors that can have significant effects on treatment regimes.
These factors can include biological response, different depths of radiation and methods of treatment.
TDF Plan installs on both Android and iOS devices. You can use the same TDF Plan app on multiple devices and have access to your data on all of them.
Real-time registration
One of the biggest problems with managing a patient’s data is that the information must be recorded for every treatment. While this may be manageable in some cases, it can cause serious issues when staff members forget to take notes on each treatment session.
It is for this reason that TDF Plan allows for real-time recording and updating of treatments based on parameters set in the initial configuration of the patient, such as biological response and the chosen method of treatment.
You can send data to your hospital, or your clinic or even your physician using the patient directory to make the process even smoother.
TDF Plan uses a system of QR codes to automatically update information for every treatment.
TDF Plan uses QR codes to automatically update information for every treatment.
This is a great way to record accurate, up-to-date patient information, as well as providing valuable data for your physician or clinic for the future.
Free from charge
TDF Plan is free from charge in this holiday season, however please note that this does not mean you will be able to use all its features.
Significant data is available and the registration process only takes a few seconds.
Choose your preferred treatment and its various parameters to create the best possible app for your team!
You can review the entire treatment history of your patients or even export patients into various programs.
Select a plan and edit your patient’s data!
Comprehensive support is provided
TDF Plan has available support in numerous languages and can be used in various markets.
TDF Plan has available support in numerous languages and can be used in various markets.
For those of you looking for more information, there are many websites that provide users with instructions on how to use the app and are also available in multiple languages.
Official website:
Google Play:
App Store:

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What’s New in the?

The TDF Plan is a great tool for anyone involved with Radiotherapy and similar processes requiring adequate fractionation to avoid side-effects and ensure a swift recovery for patients.
This tool was designed to simulate results of radiotherapy regimens based on the linear-quadratic and linear-quadratic-linear models.
TDF Plan uses its own XMap TDF Plan version 10 and XMap database of half-samples of both.
XMap TDF Plan version 10 and XMap database of half-samples
Freeware, non-commercial use, open source. Source code is available.
Usage rights:
Use a non-commercial product for your personal use.
Support, privacy, and data protection:
There is no support, nothing is done with your data.
Using the tool
TDF Plan performs an analysis in two stages:
Calculating the biological effective dose (BED)
In the first stage, users select a dose-fractionation and enter the values of BED.
The program takes 2 minutes to obtain the results, and it can perform two types of analyses.
Linear-quadratic analysis
The program compares the total dose to the BED. The result is that it can determine if any fractionation regime is better than another one.
Linear-quadratic-linear analysis
This is the second type of analysis. Users enter the values of BED and either D(Q) or D(QD), where D(Q) is the dose to be delivered and D(QD) is the dose to be delivered at each fraction.
The program calculates the BEDs and D(QD) for each interval and compares them with the achieved BED with the same dose-fractionation.
According to the results, if the same BED can be achieved with D(QD) and D(Q), it is shown as equal.
As a result, it is possible to see what interval should be employed for the treatment to achieve the desired effect.
The main drawback of the program is that it is not able to be compiled.
The program is free, and contains many useful analyses.
Frequently asked questions and answers:
Q. How long does the program take to calculate?
A. It calculates in about 5-15 seconds.
Q. Are the results accurate?
A. The results are

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later (64 bit).
Processor: 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or later.
Memory: 3 GB RAM or more
Hard Disk: 64 MB available space
Video Card: DirectX 11-compatible, Pixel shader version 3.0 compliant, Direct3D 10.1 compliant.
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT or higher recommended.
Additional Notes:
This is the first version of the application and has a few known issues:
* The present version of GTA games