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On the contrary, casual sex can be good for you in the proper circumstances. Let’s set the stage: you and your buddy want to see what the opposite sex is all about — you’re bored at a party, or you’re drunk, or you’re on vacation — so you whip out your phone and start looking for the right people. You think “this is exactly why I need a dating app.” The problem is, you get “bad match” after “bad match” and you’re too drunk to stop. The next thing you know, you’re in your hotel room, texting back and forth with a girl you’ll never see in real life.
That’s not how it’s supposed to be, so you decide you want to get real about this. Instead of canceling the sleepover, you go the next step with your newfound fuck buddy.
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But casual sex can also be bad for you, depending on what you think is a casual hookup. Here are some of the dangers of casual sex, and how to avoid them.
1. You learn to miss some things.
If you’re going to have sex with more than one person, inevitably you’re going to find that your sexual appetite and tendencies have changed since the last time. You might want to have sex again because it feels good, but if you’re looking for attachment or long-term fulfillment you might get disappointed.
This isn’t just true for monogamous sex. Menopause can feel great, but it might not be the best choice for long-term sex. Women who are physically unable to engage in sexual intercourse might want to engage in more casual sex instead of seeing their sexual health status deteriorate.
2. You may no longer feel a compulsion to be faithful.
There’s a reason that some guys complain about only wanting to fuck with every other girl: The toll casual sex takes on your relationships is similar to that of the constant and constant masturbating you do.
You no longer feel like having sex is an end in itself. Instead, it’s another way to get off. When that happens, you might end up having more sex than ever, with someone who is someone you don’t really want to be having sex with
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A 2015 study by Columbia University found that participating in casual sex made people less satisfied with their sex lives. It’s even possible that casual sex has a negative effect on the brain, since the brain responds to sex by releasing the hormone oxytocin and similar hormones. Studies show that people who have casual sex are more likely to have poor relationships with their romantic partners. A 2016 study by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that “casual sex was related to increased feelings of self-doubt and insecurity and less satisfaction in romantic relationships, both for men and women.” A 2016 study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior revealed that casual sexual encounters led people to crave more sexual experiences. “Casual sex is often dismissed as a shallow distraction from commitment-worthy relationships,” lead study author James Naylon, an associate professor of sociology at Duke University told BuzzFeed News.
But casual sex has been a part of many cultures for centuries. In fact, it had as much legitimacy as sex between a married couple, that is, it wasn’t a big deal if you were sleeping around on your spouse, as long as you got married and kept your relationship on the up-and-up. But that’s starting to change; it doesn’t make sense that you can carry on a healthy intimate relationship while being also having casual sex with lots of people. If you’re using a hookup app, you can understand that casually hooking up at the moment can be a terrible idea, particularly since people are using it so much and with so little restraint.
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The most important thing to know about casual sex isn’t whether or not it’s stigmatized (though it is) or whether or not it’s taboo (it isn’t). It’s that it often sets people up for failure and disappointment. When we’re casual with each other, we know it can happen with zero warning. And since we’re only with each other for a time and for a single reason, we’re also left with a greater sense of wistfulness.
In the UK’s “permissive society” sex has been normalized, even celebrated. But, the research shows