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Grab a Second Game FREE! Grab a Second is a vibrant indie game that puts a new twist on the genre. You are the Dropper, tasked with a new take on the shoot ’em up genre. Drop from a platform, through a horde of enemies, into a battle arena. Fight through waves of enemies, collect as many orbs as you can, protect the enemy droppers and make it out alive! Grab a Second is a game about time, risk, strategy, hustle, and keeping your cool.
About Grab a Second:
Grab a Second is a new take on the genre. You are the Dropper. A proxy in the heart of the war between Droppers, Collectors and the Tribute Mercs.
You are in a race to collect as many orbs as possible, stay alive as long as possible and make it out alive.
It all starts with the Droppers. To get the orbs you need to collect them from the enemies. Each enemy has their own weakness, which makes some attacks useless, but gives you time to collect the orbs around you, also what gives the game it’s own feel.
You are an Apprentice Dropper, equipped with a Sword, Armor, Gun and Droid arm. The Droid Arm is the one that gives the game it’s twist. Upon performing a special attack, the droid will use it’s ability to tilt the battle forward and take on a new role.
In this game you play as an L-CADE Dropper.
– 60 levels with tons of enemies and orbs to collect
– 3 different types of Droppers: L-CADE, R-SCOPE and DOUBLE-T
– Threshhold Guardians: These guys will give you some trouble but you can use them to your advantage!
– Customization: It’s your game, you can modify your Dropper and Droid Arm to fit your playstyle!
– Retro styling with each enemy having it’s own feel
– Online scoreboard to check your progress
– Soundtrack and Voice-overs
– Level editor and sharing
– Casual and hardcore modes
– Boss fights!
– And more!
Team Owner
P.S. I recommend the game on the android play store.

Grab a Second free is a fun top down shooter with a clever concept.
Are you the correct dropper?
Grab a Second is a fun shooter with a clever concept.


Total Madness Features Key:

  • New Themes: Developer have designed 3 new themes to browse and download, Full collection themes, Download all themes here
  • New Characters: New character pack is also available, download character model from here. New Chat style for all characters from skills added, body parts from head to toe have been improved.
  • New Weapons: Awesome weapons and gadgets for any monster fans, heavy weapons, ranged weapons, beatsticks, crazy weapon, pistol, and knife are some of the new weapons that available on our store. Are you brave enough? Try harder fights to get more of the new weapons!
  • Huge Boss: Down, newborn Down to give birth, would like to give birth to new Down so give him 2000 babies?!! Are you up to the fierce challenge?
  • New animation: New exciting zoom effect and high resolution animation backgrounds can be seen when you walk any monster. New animation contains fun activities such as tearing down clothing, opening lockers, and etc.
  • New controls: Different control options are also available for the users. You can use classic way to control by tilt pad or mouse/dragpad and auto-lock option enable as you wish.
  • New features: New graphics and textures, game run smoother than before and save feature is on! So you can save all stats, items, level, and upgrades.
  • Monster Walk: Handmade by Developers, 1/3 more realistic movement, and all kinds of monster walk, such as taking off his jacket, opening a shoe locker, and etc
  • And more! For discovering the hidden features, come visit our Facebook Page:


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    In Total Madness, you are in control as a human charged with stopping the re-occuring invasions of aliens into our universe. With each world the Alien invasion takes, the human’s health depletes more and more. In order to survive in this hazardous, ever evolving and addictive game of death you must combine playing styles to build a nice balance of attack and defense.
    “Heh, it’s cool hehe” – Music by: David Whittington, Prod & Music by Thomas O’Toole “Derp Hehe”, “Take A Deep Breath”, “Take It Easy”, “Electro”

    HOW TO PLAY-Puzzle game with hard and insane boss battles.
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    What’s new in Total Madness: