UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload High Quality 🤘

UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload High Quality 🤘



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I want to get only the word “UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload”
Here is my code:
Sub Get_string()
Dim raw_input_string_file As String
Dim e As Integer
Dim sString
Dim oFileObj As Object
Set oFileObj = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
raw_input_string_file = “C:\Users\markus\Desktop\Downloaded_files\*.txt”
Set Get_String = oFileObj.OpenTextFile(raw_input_string_file, 1)
Do While Not Get_String.AtEndOfStream
sString = Get_String.ReadLine
For e = 1 To Len(sString)
If sString Like “*UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload*” Then
Exit For
MsgBox sString
Exit For
End If
Next e
End Sub

My result is:
UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload(,,”UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload”,, “UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload”,,)
I want the first word(UnrealTournament1999GOTYZIPgamedownload) in the result.


Corrected code:
Option Explicit

Sub Get_string()

Dim raw_input_string_file As String
Dim e As Integer
Dim sString As String
Dim oFileObj As Object
Set o

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Unreal Tournament 1999 Global Offensive Crack Free Download latest Version (2019)

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Unreal Tournament 1999 Global Offensive Crack

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Open the Software · Then select From zip archive · Click on Browse… · Unzip all files · When it’s done, click OK · Choose a location to save the software, then click OK · Install · Done

How to use the Cheat Engine for Unreal Tournament 1999 Global Offensive on Mac

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