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With the web Archives for Opera add-on you can access your archive and browse through the long-ago past of websites.

If you missed the previous versions, you can check the out the list of changes:

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Web Archives For Opera License Key 2022

Seeking information about your previous website? Add these related articles to your tag cloud to find information about topics that may be related to a page, article, or post in your website.
When opening an archived webpage, Opera offers the opportunity to take advantage of the bookmarks, browsing history, and passwords feature.
When you run into an old page in your Internet browser, try the extension’s demo. If you are satisfied, take it for a spin and you are good to go. the
area will be fixed to be 1×1 unit cell.
As for the numbers of times that we repeated the process,
after we generated the rectangles, we removed the small
corner rectangle, then generated the cells according to
the the zig-zag and then the parallelogram, and at last,
we generated the lower left rectangle, and so on. For each
time we re-generate, we added 1 to the number count variable.
I believe that this is not the most efficient way to do it.
Can you come up with a more efficient way? Thanks!


If I understand what you are asking correctly, you want to generate a $1\times 1$ square, $1 \times 3$ rectangle, $2 \times 1$ rectangle, $2 \times 3$ rectangle, and so on. For each square, you want a corner removed, and then you want to generate a new 1×1 square.
The time taken by the method of your previous question is $O(n)$, since you need to generate the squares and rectangles at each step. The algorithm you are trying to implement is already doing the same thing. It just goes one step further by making it a loop.
An algorithm using the same idea is shown in the accepted answer to your previous question:

Lines 1-8 generate a 1×1 square (by removing a corner) and then a 2×1 rectangle (by removing the corner), then a 3×1 rectangle, then a 4×1 rectangle, etc.
Line 9 stops the loop when the number of rectangles generated reaches a certain number $N$.
Line 10 subtracts 1 from $N$; this is the number of squares you have generated, or equivalently, the number of times you have looped through the loop of lines 1-8.

The difference is that the accepted answer generates the squares and rect

Web Archives For Opera Product Key Full

Keep a record of your previous web activities on sites like Google or Yahoo, in order to save time and get what you need again. With Web Archives for Opera, you can save web pages, complete with search history and relevant metadata. Access these pages in a new tab or from an existing tab. This add-on can also be useful when attempting to trace a website’s history.
– Restore web pages, complete with search history and relevant metadata
– View pages in a new tab or from an existing tab
– Save pages as image or PDF documents
– Archive or restore links
– Save search queries as additional options
– Sync the browser history and search history between multiple computers
– Supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera (Versions 46 and higher)
– Works with non-Google web searches
– Supports all users
– No logins are needed
– No registration is required

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What’s New in the Web Archives For Opera?

Web Archives for Opera is a nifty add-on that lets you access the cached version of a website or page.









May 29, 2017


May 29, 2017



Web Archives for Opera is a nifty add-on that lets you access the cached version of a website or page. if you are feeling like taking a stroll through the recent past, visiting pages to verify initial information, or checking out what was changed, this extension can play the shuttle role.

UI and search modes

Installing the app add-on generates a new icon on the extension reserved bar and an additional context menu entry.

Access the dashboard by clicking on the pinned icon.

Determine the search mode right from the start. The TAB searches for a cached webpage opening a new tab, while the URL mode enhances the search by sending a specific URL to a third-party service by choice, all dealing with archiving tasks.

Available search engines

The services mentioned above are just search engines. You must first choose which search engine’s database to inquire about before attempting to open an archived version of a page.

As for the services themselves, they are already famous. Wayback Machine tops the list, for example, followed by Google, Bing, Yandex, Archive.is, Baidu, Yahoo, and 360 Search.

Easy to work with

If you’ve missed out on what a site had to offer in the past, revisiting the pages is now more accessible. If you are looking to inquire about a page subsection, use the context menu entry — it’s quicker that way.

Don’t forget to check out the add-on’s options menu. A bit of search engine optimization and other tweaks are available for use.

All in all

Web Archives for Opera is the perfect dog if you are looking to dig up some old bones – website bones, to be more precise. If Opera is your go-to browser, and you must delve into some cached website information, this extension is a must-have.



Here is the way forward


By Hipster

It might be simple and makes it easy to get hold of old versions of a website, but there is a very useful add-on that should be recommended to every user of the browser. It is called Web Archives for Opera.
After installation, the user will see a new icon on the browser menu and a new context menu item. The icon can be used to archive, open and close the browser window.

Web Archives for Opera


By jesklar

System Requirements For Web Archives For Opera:

Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
CPU: Pentium III 800MHz (or faster)
RAM: 128MB
Hard drive space: 200MB
DirectX: 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Size: 2GB
Full Review
7 Total Score Wow Factor 1.0 0/ 5
An incredible amount of thought and art went into creating this game


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