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WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition Crack+ Free For PC

WhatsUp Gold is the most comprehensive network monitoring tool available.
* High performance, real-time monitoring of up to 1000 devices in your network.
* Deep protocol analysis – view and analyse all network traffic.
* Point and click monitoring of hardware and software.
* Rich dashboard displays – graphically and easily view performance data in a single screen.
* Built in alerting – with new capability to set up email alerts and receive alerts via SMS.
* Rich reporting – export reports for later analysis.
* Extensive and growing database of what’s working and what’s not.
WhatsUp Gold is an easy to use software solution for your network and server monitoring requirements.
WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition Installation Instructions
Download WhatsUp Gold from
If you already have a license key, launch WhatSUPerGold.exe, no action is required.
If you already own WhatsUp Gold Professional (v. 5, v. 6, etc.), open the program and save the license. You may take the license to a customer that is having installation issues.
First, you will need a valid.pem certificate (private key file) created in WhatsUp Gold Professional.
Then, extract the archive and move the.pem certificate to a safe place. Once done, launch WhatsUp Gold
Enter your license information and click on the “Activate” button.
WhatsUp Gold Professional will ask if you want to activate your license and then activate it.
You can choose to specify the time your licence expires, or enter expiration date after activating.
After activation you will be asked to enter your new activation code.
Now you can exit the program, and start using WhatsUp Gold.
Installation is complete.
After the new installation WhatsUp Gold is launched, you will need to set your initial configuration settings.
Click on the “Help” menu and select “Initial Configuration Wizard”
You will be asked for your license information and the date your license expires.
The wizard will validate your information and then identify your devices to monitor and other configuration settings.
Your initial configuration will complete automatically.
You can then exit the “Initial Configuration Wizard” and start monitoring your network.
Source code and complete set of installation and usage instructions are available for download on the WhatsUp Gold Support Site.
WhatsUp Gold Technical Support Phone Number:
WhatsUp Gold Corporate Support:
Office Number:

WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition Activation Code With Keygen

Why use just one version of an application that can do even more? WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition delivers exceptional network monitoring capabilities in one package! WhatsUp Gold features everything you need to manage a wide variety of network devices with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. WhatsUp Gold is a client/server application that runs on any UNIX or Windows OS. WhatsUp Gold is designed from the ground up to use an object-oriented architecture to provide a flexible, easy-to-use solution that simplifies managing a network. A single-click deployment option makes setting up the system quick and easy. WhatsUp Gold also has a graphical user interface. WhatsUp Gold uses only common C and C++ and DLLs and runs on most popular operating systems, including: AIX/OSF1, HP-UX, LINUX, Mac OS/X, SGI, SOLARIS, UNIX, and Windows (NT/2000/XP). WhatsUp Gold is vendor-independent: it runs on any UNIX or Windows OS, and it is multi-platform. WhatsUp Gold reports what is happening on all network devices – in real time, including TCP, UDP, and multicast traffic. What’s more, WhatsUp Gold predicts what will happen on your network, based on real-time traffic and historical data. WhatsUp Gold can monitor most network devices, and new monitors are supported through a patch release process. WhatsUp Gold includes powerful management features that will help you optimize a network and quickly identify problems that will lead to costly failures. WhatsUp Gold uses powerful object-oriented features such as virtualization, and it can easily manage a network of literally thousands of devices. WhatsUp Gold is vendor-independent: it works with any network devices, and there is no need to modify network applications. WhatsUp Gold is intuitive and easy to use. WhatsUp Gold delivers more than a year’s worth of network performance data and predictive analysis. WhatsUp Gold provides the full, end-to-end benefits of a network monitoring solution. WhatsUp Gold provides an accurate and detailed view of the network. WhatsUp Gold is extremely fast and more efficient than the competition. WhatsUp Gold is a complete solution that will fit your needs. WhatsUp Gold will meet and exceed your existing needs and require no additional equipment or software. WhatsUp Gold is a comprehensive network management tool that will enable you to improve your network, to reduce your network operations costs and risk, and to reduce the time and cost for discovering and resolving network-related problems. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition Crack + (2022)

WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition (WSSE), the leading network analyzer for high-performance networks from Sisoft, is the next generation in network monitoring. Its innovative use of predictive analytics and distributed technology enables long-term behavior analysis. WSSE combines all network monitoring functions in a single, unified application. WhatsUp Gold is capable of producing accurate and precise results for any size network, data center or DMZ. Its highly scalable architecture delivers the fastest performance to largest networks on the market.
Innovative Performance Analysis
Accurate Long-Term Behavior Analysis
Flexible Capacity Analysis
New Network Discovery Engine
Intra-Device Analysis
Intelli-discovery Technology (Phase 2)
Intelli-technology helps to detect, monitor and debug problems in real-time by analyzing the traffic at the bottleneck. This allows complete visibility of the data as it passes to and through the affected network devices.
*Allow traffic analysis of all packets from a single IP address.
*Capture and monitor both TCP and UDP traffic from a specific port to and from a specific IP address.
*Support for IPv4, IPv6 and FIB protocols.
*Fully automated detection of protocol changes, flow terminations and reestablishments.
*Detailed protocol database with more than 1,000 protocols.
*Extremely detailed packet statistics per protocol.
*Convert to and from ASN, IPv6 prefix and SNMP protocol-specific variables.
*Support for IPv4 and IPv6 topology.
*Support for FIB protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) and any device in the path of the traffic.
WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition Key Features:
Simplified Packet Discovery
Intelli-Discovery Technology
Build your Topology!
Intelli-Discovery technology allows any device to be added to or removed from any topology by using a simple GUI. The result is a topology easily managed and modified (removed or added) by using an intuitive interface.
Network and Flow Analysis
Without a display, you can connect the network analyzer to any display to analyze traffic in real-time. The Analyzer provides a feature that allows you to display the packet details on the display, allowing you to view individual layer content.
Analyze Any Direction
Analyze one single flow. Analyze all flows. Analyze flows to any destination.
File/Remote Capture
Execute or update a file capture. Upload a remote file or capture to a remote

What’s New In?

WhatsUp is a unique Predictive Network Performance Monitoring tool that brings together every network performance data generated across your enterprise network, and analyzes it automatically to deliver important actionable insights about your network health in real-time.
WhatsUp is the first enterprise-grade network monitoring system that can help you to:
Automatically monitor your network performance across more than 1000 Devices
Discover IP address conflicts
Identify Critical Application bottlenecks
And take immediate proactive action to mitigate their impact to your network.
WhatsUp can be run as a stand-alone network monitoring solution or can be integrated with your current operational systems. It can be monitored via a web interface or corporate network, or via a dedicated web and/or mobile app. This enables your team to capture the key performance indicators within the network, and provide a single unified view of your enterprise-wide network performance.
WhatsUp is a scalable solution that can be added into an existing system, a new installation or upgraded to a higher version.

During testing, WhatsUp has been up for 24 hours with no problems to report. It has proven to be very stable and can even accommodate heavy compute loads.
WhatsUp supports NetConfession and Validation devices.

Validation Devices
We have tested at least one server from each major manufacturer of NetConfession and Validation devices:
HP ESX Server,
HP RackCenter,
HP Network Assistant,
Juniper Networks,
Triton Networks,
Coast to Coast,
But are not limited to these.

IP address conflicts
During testing, WhatsUp has detected conflicts between devices by comparing the routing tables of devices to a router running the network topology tool, Ethereal.
That is, IP addresses found in Ethereal’s Routing Table for a given device, should be the same IP address that WhatsUp is detecting on that device.

Auto discovery
WhatsUp is continuously monitoring all your devices, looking at the device configuration settings, and comparing each device’s IP Address configuration against other devices. If the IP addresses match, the device is recognized and the device information is used to create an Information Profile.

The following are the thresholds that WhatsUp uses to detect IP address conflicts:
WhatsUp first compares the devices’ default IP address

System Requirements For WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition:

Windows 7 SP1 (or above)
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
64-bit Operating System
1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
1 GB of free disk space
DirectX 11 graphics card
DirectX Software Rendering Accelerator (DXSA) and High-Performance Computing (HPC)
● App module enables you to easily transform your apps.
● EasyMock introduces the VM module with a modular


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