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Now that most mobile phones are fitted with powerful cameras, working with pictures becomes a common activity. However, these come under different file formats, which might meet limitations when adding as a resource in different projects. Luckily, you can use applications like XeImageConv to find the right format, and easily perform the conversion.
Simple visuals quickly get you up and running
Note that the application requires Adobe AIR in order to function and to be installed on your computer. There’s the possibility to launch it right after it’s done to quickly take it for a spin. The main window shows up, and you can start loading pictures, but this needs to be done one item at a time, because batch processing is not supported.
Chances are the picture you load doesn’t quite fit well in the main window, and there’s no pan tool to help either. On the other hand, you can use the zoom slider to reduce the size of the picture preview. However, there’s little need to get a preview, especially since there are no editing options involved, except for the option to flip horizontally or vertically.
File support and output
On the bright side of things, file support is no less than impressive, with the possibility to load images under formats like BMP, BLP, CUT, CUR, DICOM, DCM, DCX, DDS, FTX, FITS, GIF, HDR, ICNS, ICO, TIFF, LIF, PCX, PGM, PCD, PIC, RGB, TGA, JPG, and more. However, export options only allow you to save as PNG, BMP, or JPG.
There are no quality options to configure. Conversion is a simple process, and choosing the output format brings up one last prompt so you can specify a name for the new file, as well as the location where to save it, without affecting the original.
A few last words
In conclusion, XeImageConv comes with good intentions, but isn’t quite prepared to deliver the expected result. File support is neat, but only when it comes to importing, because output is limited to three different formats. There’s no editing involved, and you can only process one picture at a time.







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XeImageConv is a handy application that automatically converts images that are stored in a wide variety of formats into one another. It is available as a free download for both Windows and Mac.

Other sources: Source Forge [Link]

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The aptly named XeImageConv application allows you to convert images from one file format to another in a number of different ways.
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOSQ:

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XeImageConv Activation Key Free

XeImageConv is a powerful tool to convert between different mobile phones’ images. You can easily start by converting a high-resolution image to a lower one. But what if you have a low-resolution picture, and you need to up the resolution? You can convert a low-res photo to a high-res one with the same number of pixels (or with a different one) and even do so without losing image quality. You can also convert an image with a square resolution and non-square pixels to a square one. If you’re in the needs of a mobile camera, this is a real plus.
Installing XeImageConv in Mac:
You can download the free version of XeImageConv from the official website. To install it in Mac OS X, download it from the direct link here and when prompted, save it to your Applications folder. Then you just have to run it on your Mac.
Install XeImageConv in Windows:
Install XeImageConv in Windows OS by downloading it from the direct link here. When prompted, save it to your Desktop. Now all you have to do is double click the setup file.
XeImageConv Conclusions:
If you’re a mobile phone photographer and are in need of a way to convert images from one format to another, you can rely on XeImageConv. However, the app has many less than favorable things to mention. For starters, file support is impressive, but only when you’re trying to import files. Unfortunately, there’s only one output format to choose from when saving as well. Likewise, you have no way to edit images. Finally, the app isn’t prepared to perform the conversion in many different ways.
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