Yamashita Treasure Signs And Symbols Pdf 14














Yamashita Treasure Signs And Symbols Pdf 14


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Yamashita’s treasure is true. If you have prospect sites with live signs. Recruit your 6 man team and start digging, assuring that you know how to read treasure .

Signs symbolized with sticks and stones is the sign of Yamashita’s treasure, which was found on the Palawan island by a team of diggers led by the son of gold prospector, Captain Ikawa Shimizu, in March 2015. and here. Very cool.
The Yamashita Treasure is the name given to the alleged treasure hidden during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II.
The treasure is said to consist of gold bars, coins, and gold ingots. Although the
location of the treasure has never been confirmed, in 1985 an empty World War II Japanese
battleship supposedly containing the treasure was discovered off the coast of the province of
Palawan, western Philippines.
The discovery of the treasure in 1985 sparked widespread excitement among treasure
seekers. The controversy that this incident is very real or that it was a hoax has lingered to this day. This article will attempt to unravel the mystery behind the Yamashita treasure, attempting to answer whether or not it is real.
The following is the story of the existence of the Yamashita treasure, and what has been proven in its detection and location.
The History of the Treasure
A Japanese U-boat, U-832, was anchored in the Makin Island area of the Philippine .
Its commander was Lieutenant Hiroji Obata, who had a strong belief that he was close to finding a large treasure. Obata would believe this belief until the night of October 27, 1944, when he was shot and killed by the crew of the Japanese aircraft carrier, .
The ship was called the USS F. William D.

Makin, a converted ammunition ship, was considered to be the “USS . It was bound from the Netherlands East Indies to Okinawa with an estimated cargo of $12.5 billion in Japanese gold, in a series of exchanges that would benefit Japan and the Allies.
The ship was carrying 1.5 million gold bars when it was attacked by the .
The battle between the Japanese vessel and . According to eyewitnesses, the captain of .
The fight between .
The captain and the soldiers of the .
The captain shot himself with a machine gun, and ordered the crew to abandon ship.
The F. William D




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