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Whether you're a writer or just someone looking to work on important projects without any distractions, you can use Yosoro. An elegant application designed with the Electron framework, this is a notebook editor available for not only Windows but also macOS and Linux users.
Yosoro takes a simple and sophisticated approach toward text editing, giving you the possibility to seamlessly create as many notebooks as projects you have at hand.
Write notes in an elegant text editor
Each book can be filled with as many notes as necessary. Markdown syntax is supported but you can also view the HTML version right next to it, thanks to the fact that a dual pane allows for Markdown and HTML designs to be viewed at a glance.
We haven't discovered a limit to the number of characters that can make up a note, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. The notes are saved automatically to Yosoro, thus eliminating the risk of losing any unsaved work.
Upload notes to your OneDrive account
What's more, you can sync any notes to your OneDrive account once you authorize this, making is possible to access, download and delete your notes on any computer that has Yosoro installed. In fact, the program doesn't need to be installed since its contents can be unzipped anywhere on the disk (or on a portable storage unit) in order to launch it without setup.
In addition to uploading notes to OneDrive, they can be saved as Markdown or HTML files, which will have the exact format as seen in the main window. Of course, notes can be deleted too, but the change is not permanent since Yosoro gives you the possibility to reanalyze the trashcan contents and open notes to permanently delete or restore to their original location.
Taking everything into account, Yosoro manages to bring something new to the table in a time when the digital platform is oversaturated with various kinds of text editors, thanks to its practical features as well as sophisticated approach.


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Yosoro 3.0.3897 With Keygen Free Download

Editing and creating notes in a clean, simple and elegant way.

Developed in Electron:

Yosoro Crack is created with the development framework called Electron and therefore it is cross-platform.

Resizable windows with dual-pane:

In the main window, you can click on the different panes to display them in dual-pane mode.

Create, modify and save Markdown and HTML notes:

You can markdown and HTML files with the same interface and place the text you need to keep track of in the main area, and the rest will appear in the output area for HTML notes, or the preview area for the Markdown notes.

Compatible with OneDrive:

Sync any Markdown or HTML files to your OneDrive account or keep any notes locally in your computer.

Saving with Markdown and HTML output:

To save any notes, select the note and click on the button marked with a green folder.

Saving to trash can:

Click on the trashcan button to permanently delete the note.

Managing notebooks:

Click on the notebooks button, then select the one you want to open.

View or edit notebooks with Markdown syntax:

Click on the Markdown button to edit the notebook. The Markdown notes are also saved automatically in the trashcan.

Delete notebooks:

Click on the trashcan button to delete the notebook.

Installing Yosoro Activation Code:

It can be downloaded and installed like any other program.

To use Yosoro Activation Code:

Click on the ‘New Notebook’ button, then click on the green folder button.

The note will appear in the main window and is ready to be filled with notes.

You can also download the Markdown or HTML notes and open them.


Excellent! I have been looking for this software for a long time now.

Thank you for the review.

Andy Richards



Well done!

Yosoro is a wonderful app that is so simple to use. It not only makes it easy for users to create notes in different formats, but it also makes it easy to share notes and notebooks to OneDrive. If you want a note taking application that is straightforward and organized, you cannot go wrong with Yosoro.


Yosoro 3.0.3897 Crack+

• Access to the Yosoro default and user definable keyboard shortcuts
• Menu items, basic setting and option to save and backup notes
• Create multiple notebooks for different projects
• Create notebooks without notes and lock them
• On-screen keyboard
• Add notes or text files to a notebook
• Get a list of your notes saved with Yosoro
• Select between Markdown and HTML notes
• Unlock notebooks
• Sync notes to OneDrive (online backup)
• Tasks to be performed on opened notebooks
• Import HTML files to notebooks
• Export files as HTML or Markdown format
• Import notes from OneDrive
• Import notes from file
• Select notebooks to open
• Setting automatic order of notebooks
• Add custom keyboard shortcuts
• Open notebooks to edit
• Launch notebooks without notes
• Open notes from OneDrive
• Sync notes to OneDrive
• Open notes from file
• Preview files
• Markdown Notes
• HTML Notes
• Markdown Pad
• HTML Pad
• Preview HTML notebook
• HTML Pad
• Apply custom styles to HTML notebooks
• Basic settings
• Save and backup
• Notebook list
• Export notebook HTML or Markdown files
• Export notebook Markdown files
• Export notebook notes
• Export notebook notes as Markdown or HTML files
• Export notebook notes as HTML files
• Import notes from OneDrive
• Import notes from file
• View notes from OneDrive
• View notes from file
• Organize notes with tags
• Synchronize notes to OneDrive
• Synchronize notes to file
• Open notebook without notes
• Order notebooks to open
• Delete notebooks
• Select notebooks to open
• Run scripts
• Undo or redo actions
• Reorder notebooks
• Search in notes
• Create new notebook
• Delete all notes in a notebook
• Sort notes
• Select/unselect notebook
• Create a new notebook
• Delete a notebook
• Delete a notebook and all its notes
• Select notebook in which to create a new notebook
• Select notebooks to open
• Select notes in notebooks
• Select a note to edit
• Change the order of notebook notes
• Filter notebook notes
• Mark notebook notes as favorite
• Check for updates
• Reset to default settings
• Import keyboard shortcuts
• Import settings
• Import settings from OneDrive
• Import settings from file
• Delete import settings
• Delete

Yosoro 3.0.3897 Crack +

– Support for HTML, Markdown, Math, and LaTeX.
– Sync your notebooks to OneDrive and Dropbox.
– Reusable notes can be exported and edited as Markdown and HTML.
– Works on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
– Drag and Drop support in the editor and in the notebook view.
– Supports creating notes in all UTF-8 languages.
– Supports keyboard shortcuts.
– Multiple language support.
– Open new or open existing notebooks.
– Dynamic TOC.
– Codeblocks for Markdown and HTML.
– Syntax highlight.
– Syntax-checking and formatting help.
– Multi-view: preview multiple views at the same time.
– Export of notes as HTML, Markdown, and LaTeX.
– Support for bookmarks and recent notebooks.
– Read-only mode.
– Undo/redo support.
– Clone notebooks.
– Cross-platform support: on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
– Language: English, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, and French.
– Available languages: English, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.
– 1 GB of storage space.
– 4 GB of RAM.
– 2 GHz or more of CPU.
– 1366×768 screen resolution.
– Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
– macOS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.
– Linux Mint 18, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04, and Ubuntu 11.10.
– Yosoro is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3.


# About Yosoro for Linux
Yosoro for Linux is a 100% open source program which is distributed under GNU GPL version 3.

# About Yosoro for macOS
Yosoro for macOS is a 100% open source program which is distributed under GNU GPL version 3.

# About Yosoro for Windows
Yosoro for Windows is a 100% open source program which is distributed under GNU GPL version 3.
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What’s New in the?

Notes is an application specially designed to help you write better.
1. Powerful text editor.
Create more than one note in the same notebook.
3. Upload notes to OneDrive.
4. Yosoro will never be installed on the PC.
5. Create notes with Markdown or HTML format.
6. A window manager that allows you to easily access one or many notes.
7. Snippet




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You should download Notes if…

You are looking for a simple and straightforward way to take notes, organize them and later on, upload them to OneDrive.Gallery.NoteTextEdit;
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final Label label = rootView.newLabel();

System Requirements:

Requires a Dual Core CPU with 3.1GB RAM
15GB available space
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
Must have the latest official “Gamer/Hacker” versions of both Google Chrome and Apple Safari (versions 17.0.963.78 and 9.0.2218.46 respectively)
Please visit the Digg app for all the latest app updates and information on how to get a copy of the app for your computer.
*Important Note* This app is available for PC and Mac


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