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Oct 15, 2019
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PHP Regular expression for ‘;;’

I’m trying to find out a regular expression that can accept ‘;;’ for two spaces in a string.
I have this string:


I want to accept the following input string with two space characters.


How do I do it?


Here’s a regex that will work:

It matches any characters which are preceded by at least one whitespace character and followed by a semicolon. So
$str = ‘Name;’;
if (preg_match(‘/[\s;]+/’, $str) > 0) {
// Will match, because the whitespace is matched before it
// with the [\s;]+ regex

See a demo on ideone.com.


Constructing a bijection between two sets

Consider a function $f: A \to B$ such that $f(x)$ is in bijection with $A$.
Then for all $y\in f(A)$ it holds $f^{ -1}(y)\subseteq A$, but is this true that there exists a function $g$ with $g(f^{ -1}(y)) = y$?
I think yes, but I can’t come up with a proof, or I have to assume something on the $f$-function. But I don’t know what to assume.
$g$ should be some kind of recursive function to map $f^{ -1}(y)$ to $y$, isn’t it? But this doesn’t work: If $g$ would map $f^{ -1}(y)$ bijectively to $y$ then there exists an $a \in f^{ -1}(y)$ such that $f(a) = y$. But then $f(a) \in f(f^{ -1}(y))


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I dont have any solution, but i have some pointers:

About The Program
XForce consists of several tools that are used by malware to facilitate theft of valuable information on the computers or to damage the user’s PC. Using these tools, malware may interfere with the computer’s operations by manipulating the Registry, forcing you to connect to the attacker’s Command and Control (C&C) server, displaying annoying ads and demanding payment, locking the computer down, stealing important information, or running away in the background, leaving the computer in a partially-functional state.

Currently there is a group of software called xforce that you can run on your PC to protect it. The software is installed by default on Windows and it uses the xforce32 service which can be disabled.

1. xforce32 is installed by default on Windows 10 and later, and Windows 8, 8.1, and RT 8.1. If you wish to disable it, please follow the instructions in Removing xforce.

2. xforce32 has been mentioned in several malware removal guides, so it will be removed automatically if you run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, HitmanPro or Malwarebytes Free, or if you do not have an active xforce32 service.

3. xforce32 has not been mentioned in any xforce removal guides, but has been noted as one of the items in the list of xforce32 components. Please follow the instructions in Removing xforce32.

If you suspect xforce32 is responsible for the errors you are experiencing, please run CCleaner and delete all the xforce32 entries and you should be set.

Removing xforce32
Start xforce32 service

xcboot –




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